Sunday, August 26, 2012

Episode 3: Ha! He said D20, what a dork!

Daniel Capo gave us permission to use his awesome chiptunes from his album O.S.T.!

Join us as we use the power of the interwebs and Skype to enlist Gary's friend Dan to decipher the deeper meaning behind the 2012 end of days! Shane returns with Matt to help us quell the Incan curse. ALSO, we talk about MORE studio closings & Nintendo Powers Demise. Tokyo Jungle is coming and Chris is happy. The excitement for the World Ends With You ends with us... Curt plays D&D and looks forward to a documentary with pride. Gary surrounds himself and us with fear in the Lightning Round. AND SO MUCH MORE!.

Topical Links:
Game Center CX Something Awful thread
Indie FPS Wrack website
Nintrendo Power to end on Destructoid
EA lays off Popcap Devs on Joystiq
THQ lays off Marketing NOT developers on Joystiq
Sony shuts down Studio Liverpool on Joystiq
Diablo III 1.0.4 Patch notes on
Tokyo Jungle coming to the US on Siliconera
Edmund McMillen's Basement Collection coming to Steam on Joystiq
Wii-U conference on September 13 on Kotaku
New Secrets of Grindia Gameplay Combat Video
World Ends With You countdown website on Destructoid
World Ends With You countdown site
Molyneux's Curiosity Delayed on Destructoid

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