Sunday, September 2, 2012

Episode 4: Puss Puss Juice Ain't Acceptable

Jaime's brother Jeremy arrives in time to go Super Saiyan as the normal group melds together into one big mass of hatred. Steam Greenlight launched this week and we share our thoughts. Curt and Chris talk about Darksiders I & II. Super Crate Box should be being played while listening to this. The Metal Gear Solid 5 prequel and the Metal Gear Solid movie gets closer to fruition. We talk about our favorite gaming tropes and more!

Topical links:
Fat, Ugly or Slutty
Darksiders II
DOTA2 Championships

Links on Youtube
Borderlands 2: An Introduction by Sir Hammerlock

Links on Steam:
Super Crate Box
Steam Greenlight

Links on Destructoid:
Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes footage
Torchlight 2 is dated
Binding of Issac being remade for PCs & consoles

Links on Joystiq:
Nintendo Power shares secrets, Falco's original last name

Links on Game Trailers:
Metal Gear Solid movie info

Links on Kickstarter:
Ukiyo-e Heroes

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