Sunday, January 20, 2013

Episode 24: Mountain Dew & Doritos Cupcakes

Gas Powered Games begins Wildman kickstarter then lays off  around 40 employees 4 days later. Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate release date revealed. Disney Infinity shown. Vendetta Online launches a Kickstarter. Path of Exile goes into Open Beta this week. Pandora's Tower get an American Release, $40! A White House petition to ban the use of region-locking in games, movies, software, and Internet traffic handling. Plus more.

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  1. Just saying howdy. I'm a listener. A fan. A dreamer of dreams....whatever that means. I'm also Mark's quiet, laid-back friend, Justin. I enjoy the show quite a bit. You all are an absolute delight. You're all like a ray of sunshine on a rainy day...Except there's no risk of any of you giving me skin cancer. And this podcast? It's the rainbow that forms after the rainfall.

    ...I stole that from an American Greetings card, but I thought it fit what I wanted to say pretty well.

    Anyway, thanks for the nice, long podcast each week. Even if you folks just do it for fun, it helps make a workday each week go by just a little faster. Thanks again, and I look forward to all future shows.

    Keep on truckin'.