Monday, August 19, 2013

Episode 53: More Like Rustling or Dead Guests (A Special Gary is Schizophrenic Episode)

This week we are joined by Ryan Gardiner, and we unleash what we've all been up to this week:  Ryan and Smitty are playing Payday 2, and Ryan just got Animal Crossing: New Leaf.  Gary's started Mercenary Kings (and it's hard!) and Sonic Adventure 2, an old favorite for Chris.  We share our love for the Burnout franchise, and Jaime's super pissed about Pikmin escort missions.  Curt and Chris talk a little about Pokemon Origin, and Shane takes part in another round of "Stump the Mark".  We briefly discuss the pending launch of the PS4, and ogle some goodies made by 3D Printing.  And More!

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