Sunday, September 22, 2013

Episode 57: Hun-Gary-n Sausages

This week we have the whole crew back, and we're in top form.  Curt's been back at Minecraft since the latest update, Chris and Jaime beat Diablo III (again) and Smitty's playing Eufloria.  Gary picked up a copy of GTA V, and got to take part in the Shovel Knight hangout.  Jaime tells Curt why he should play Torchlight II, and talks about the Nintendo / Namco event on Saturday.  Curt talks about DoubleFine, and Chris gets Gary excited with the news of the huge Terraria update coming October.  We discuss media boxes and Super Hot, and Smitty explains League of Legends to us.  Plus we debate on the Steam announcement and MORE!

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