Sunday, December 29, 2013

Episode 71: The Holiday Hangover

This week:  Gary, Chris, and Jaime sleepily recount our Christmas hauls and the gifts of gaming generosity bestowed upon us.  Gary encourages everyone to play Gone Home and Stanley Parable, and added a hefty lot to his Steam library.  Jaime can't be more impressed with Wonderful 101, and Chris is glad to have a (sort-of) sequel to ZHP in Guided Fate Paradox.  Gary and Chris reminisce about TrackMania, and we all agree we'd watch a Garbage Pail Kids documentary.  We make a few more interesting discoveries on Kickstarter, and Chris is interested in the idea of using a WiiU gamepad instead of a Shield.  Gary makes one more sell for Samurai Gun, and we make some tentative gaming resolutions.  And more!

Friday, December 27, 2013

SCATcast: Gaiden Episode 47

This week, Jaime gives us the state of the fast-food union in Japan:  KFC's big year, McDonald's celebrates vintage Americana, and eating on a budget for reality TV.  She discusses the story of Stella Cielo, and counts down the top selling video games in Japan for 2013.  Chris discusses the success of the latest Madoka movie and how one company really wants you to buy (date?) their electronics.  We talk about our Christmas haul, and how we felt about finishing Attack on Titan.  We give our first impressions of Okamisan and Her Seven Companions, and Chris doesn't get why Jaime can't get behind the Haruhi love.  And a lot more!

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Episode 70: Mr. Clean, Right Behind You.

This week, Gary wants you to play Nuclear Throne, and Curt and Bill discuss Movie 43.  Curt tried Warframe, and Chris is enjoying Drill Dozer on his Gameboy Micro.  Santa delivers some copies of One Way Heroics, and we discuss the Nintendo Direct that happened earlier this week.  Everyone discovers some awkward glitches in FIFA thanks to NeoGaf, and Gary can't get enough of ketchup robots.  We talk about Blizzard's past, Star Citizen, and a lot more!

Thursday, December 19, 2013

SCATcast: Gaiden Episode 46

This week, Jaime uncovers one of the weirdest Japanese competitions, and how the U.S. Government is laying down the law on the Yakuza.  She has some stories of run-ins with the law, and counts down the top-selling items of the year on  Chris is excited for the dub release of Maria Holic, and talks about yesterday's Nintendo Direct.  We discuss the end of Blood Lad, the beginning of Attack on Titan, and why you should be afraid of barnacles.  And more!

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Episode 69: Why Can't I F****** Reverse You?

This week, Curt talks about finishing Assassin's Creed IV, and Chris and Jaime are still going at Starbound.  Gary is thrilled with the Sonic 2 Remaster.  Smitty got a great deal on Race the Sun, and Shane is having a bit of a struggle with WWE 2K14.  We discuss the upcoming Steam sale and GOG, and how none of us is getting a SteamBox just yet.  Curt explains why he wants a WiiU, and we have a sort-of round of Stump the Mark.  And a Lot More!

~This week's episode has an intro and outro from Brian Altano's "Misanthrope"

Thursday, December 12, 2013

SCATcast: Gaiden Episode 45

This week, Jaime has a list of the most important products of 2013 in Japan.  She has news on public transportation, and some of the biggest movie releases we can expect next year.  Chris has some news to share about NISA's latest announcement, and what happens when a man has a very special otaku-approved credit card in America.  We discuss Chris' completion of Yumina: The Ethereal, and Blood Lad, as well as our rewatch of Detroit Metal City.  And More!

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Episode 68: The Snow Plows Ryan

This week, Bill talks about playing Ryse, Battlefield 4 commander mode, and gets frustrated with Path of Exile.  Chris and Jaime discuss their first couple of hours playing the Starbound beta, and Gary talks just a little about Elder Scrolls Online.  Smitty's got an opinion on Hearthstone, and Steamworld too!  We talk Oldboy and the vengeance trilogy, we get into some deeper feelings on the "next gen" (now-gen?) and the VGX awards.  Smitty volunteers for Stump the Mark, and Shane calls in to help.  We admire Smitty's future bitcoin billionaire status, and a lot more!

Thursday, December 5, 2013

SCATcast: Gaiden Episode 44

In this week's episode, Jaime explains some of the history and customs of winter in Japan!  From Bo Nenkai to Coming of Age Day, she talks about how each tradition started and is celebrated today.  Chris talks about Sega's struggle to get classic Genesis titles in 3D, and we get to discussing the halfway point of Blood Lad.  We give our first impressions of Senran Kagura the anime, and more!

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Episode 67: Gravity Badger

This week, we give a round up of everyone's sweet sweet Black Friday / Steam Sale haul, and everyone got new games!  Chris got a whole bounty of Steam goodness and has mighty good things to say about Delver, and Jaime is addicted to Unholy Heights.  Curt (finally!) got into the Hearthstone beta, and picked up the Raiden pack for cheaps.  Jaime and Chris went to see Oldboy, and we have to discuss the Steambox.  We talk Mario Kart 8 and its sexy graphics, and we pit iOS vs. Android in the battle of game offerings.  And a ton more!