Sunday, December 29, 2013

Episode 71: The Holiday Hangover

This week:  Gary, Chris, and Jaime sleepily recount our Christmas hauls and the gifts of gaming generosity bestowed upon us.  Gary encourages everyone to play Gone Home and Stanley Parable, and added a hefty lot to his Steam library.  Jaime can't be more impressed with Wonderful 101, and Chris is glad to have a (sort-of) sequel to ZHP in Guided Fate Paradox.  Gary and Chris reminisce about TrackMania, and we all agree we'd watch a Garbage Pail Kids documentary.  We make a few more interesting discoveries on Kickstarter, and Chris is interested in the idea of using a WiiU gamepad instead of a Shield.  Gary makes one more sell for Samurai Gun, and we make some tentative gaming resolutions.  And more!

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