Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Episode 112: Sausage Touchers.

This week, Gary's been playing Smash Bros. and making excuses for Swing Copter.  Smitty explains DOTA2 a bit and Curt's really ok with DMC and is getting started on the lore of Hannibal.  Chris and Jaime really got into the first episode of American Horror Story, and Chris was pretty into the Bayonetta 2 demo.  Jaime joined Chris in playing Hammerwatch, and she doesn't want to talk about Castaway Paradise.  Shane gives the rundown on the Flash and the continual mediocrity of Gotham.  We discuss TV Funhouse and the Playstation TV, and Gary's going to attempt Twin Peaks.  We talk Assassin's Creed shenanigans and a final farewell to all our f*cks about #Gamergate.  And More!

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