Saturday, October 18, 2014

SCATcast: Gaiden Episode 89

This week, Jaime introduces you to the top shows for fall that are worth checking out, from Sailor Moon to bicycle racing.  She talks about some new product launches that just might make you throw your wallet if you're a fan of Attack on Titan or Ultraman.  She also explains the RSS app that's winning over otaku hearts all over Japan- Hacka Doll.  Chris gets us into the Halloween spirit with Junji Ito's spooky Pokemon, and the announcement of Scarlett Johansson being offered a role in Ghost in the Shell.  He brings up the creepiness of Puzzle & Dragon's new "adult" parody and we go in-depth into the new shows we started: HighsCool Seha Girls, and Parasyte.  And a ton more!

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